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  Thermo Camera
  ThermoVision A20M Fire Wire
사 양
1. Measurement temperature range: -20~250˚C
2. Accuracy: ±2˚C, ±2% of reading
3. Measurement modes: spot, area, isotherm, deltaT, iso-coverage
4. Operating temperature range: -15~55˚C
5. Storage temperature range: -40~70˚C
6. Operating Humid: 10~95%RH
7. Digital image output and camera control: 6-pin fire ware(IEEE-1394) conector
   handing iso-chronous 16bit digital image data and asynchronous control data or
   standard RJ-45 ethernet conector handing image data(RTP) and control data
8. Size: 157* 75* 80mm(W* D* H)
9. Weight: 0.8kg
용 도
  비접촉 피부온도 측정
비 고
  보유대수:2대. 사용료: 10,000원(장당), 동영상: 60,000원(시간).